Motorized, Deauthorized & Derailed

by A Cat

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released October 27, 2015

A Cat are Tal Greenfield, Ittamar Erb & Tom Simon
All songs by Tal Greenfield, arranged, recorded and produced by A Cat. Bass guitar and co-production on Disconnect and on The Vibe by Danny Ofek. Mixed and mastered by Nir Averbuch.
Graphic design by Ofir Liberman



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A Cat Israel

Two used to be students of the third one, but that was a looong time ago :)
Scratch, purr, stare, nap, stay feline.

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Track Name: Paper Heart
That touching dribble of words flowing out of you / I wonder if I should even bother to listen / You sound as if you've picked up the text word for word from one of those degenerate t.v. shows / I catch your eye as you glimpse at the mirror / making sure the face is correct with the image / I can see how this is gonna make a winning twitter really very soon / Well, if you want a toy that's fair and smart / go and cut yourself a paper heart / and play with that instead of mine / You're not a bad person, I realize that / I bet you think you mean every word that you're saying / but all the odds are you'd be meaning something else completely / in just a day or two / Well, I'm all for various ways of recreation / and playing is a must for your growth - all books say so / Excuse me if I seem a bit reluctant to take part / oh, I'm not generous at all / Well, if you wanted a toy / with the looks of a boy / no need to damage my shape / just cut yourself a piece of paper / in a figure of a heart / and play with that instead of mine
Track Name: A Million Songs
I don't know just how it's done / I don't know how the web is spun / There's a million songs out / let there be another one / Nothing new to write home about / yet there is no cause to sit and pout / There's a million shouts out / still it's fun to stand and shout / You come here in your car / sometimes looking sideways / You're brown and dressed in pink / Let's brainwash all the birds / Let's wash the sky with prune juice / Let's eyeline all the words / reach out and pull the sky down / Just a thump - it's not a bang / no words to waste on Yin and Yang / There's a million teardrops / We'll allow this one to hang / Teeth are out - is that a beast / You're not the cursed, you're not the blissed / There's a million smiles out / Give away the ones you've missed / You come here in your car / with funny bears and tigers / You're painted with guitars / Let's brainwash all the birds / Let's wash the sky with prune juice / Let's eyeline all the words / reach out and pull the sky down / Stretch out all / Give in all / Let loose all / Let everything in your hands drop right now
Track Name: Disconnect
Flashing white can help erase the pictures that might obstruct your way sometimes / Fill and cover every space / flood all with white don't leave a face / The only thing to do is disconnect / Immerse yourself in viscous lotion / extract all out / leave only motion of form / Open ribs and wipe with cloth / dissolving words let them trickle off / The only thing to do is disconnect / Turning back is the one mistake / you've been told of that back in second grade / Wonder how you manage to find yourself / at the same spot as a lady in the bible / Garbage men in velvet gloves / on flying wolves / in the canyons of your brain / Raining rainbow in slow motion / widen skin and let the potion / The only thing to do is disconnect
Track Name: The Vibe
Who's the dick in charge of the decision / to make this beer the only one they serve? / All right, you shouldn't be an ass about your beer / but this one's really something no one should deserve / She orders several tiny slices of a trend / served laying on some golden cardboard sheets / and she goes wild about it / wonder if it's really for the taste / or is she trying to get points for what she eats / There is a single cat in all this cattle grazing / Maybe you really are amazing / maybe you're just trying way too hard / Three dudes are steppin' out a car looking like idiots / speaking testosteronish to the core / and it's inspiring how they manage to repeat / the same pathetic phrases millions used before / They're gonna try and go sarcastic on the waitress / while clearly looking down along her thong / She's being nice just for the tip / and she's cute, and they all wish / and think they stand a chance / but obviously they're wrong / A loaded looking guy is passing through / escorted by a figure and face to blow your brain / She got the look, she got the talk and all that tell you / she's a bitch on daily dosage of cocaine / Back at the table they are talking about television / who did what to who to make them crawl / and there's big money and there's sex and there's corruption / and it's boring to the bottom of the soul / There is a single cat in all this cattle grazing / Maybe you really are amazing / maybe you're just trying way too hard / There are hordes and hordes / of dressed up pawns on boards / trying to look adored in threes and couples, whoopie / Like milk cartons standing on parade / wannabe crusaders acting like a dumb groupie / Maybe you really are amazing / Maybe you're just sending rays / in hope of fishing out a can of sardines good for how to pass the time / ‘cause it shouldn't go to waste / though it has that fucking factory taste / You're out, honey