A Picnic for Robots

by A Cat

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This Cat scratches, purrs, and consistently refuses to be shoved in any single drawer.
When scratching, expect Minimal Techno to meet Rock, Africa to meet Folk and everything together to meet Post-Something, too.
When purring, might sound like a robot sitting alone, listening to Leonard Cohen records, or sometimes like a person out in the fields, happily arranging a picnic for robots.

A Cat has been performing - scratching, purring, screaming and meowing none stop for the past year, from the private roof tops to the smokey cellars of Tel Aviv. A Cat seeks attention.


released November 27, 2012

Tal Greenfield - Vocals, Guitars
Tom Simon - Synth, Sound, Androids
Danny Ofek - Bass
Ittamar Erb - Drums

Mix - Nir Averbuch
Art - Shahar Levy



all rights reserved


A Cat Israel

Two used to be students of the third one, but that was a looong time ago :)
Scratch, purr, stare, nap, stay feline.

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Track Name: Rip Out (Demo Ver.)
Rip out your heart from your chest
got no use for it, you do well with the rest
it slows you down, it makes you timid and frail
no telling when the stupid organ will fail
keep up the flow of
going places and
making faces and
small talking with a ready made smile
you've got a pretty good chance of not having to
deal with any feelings more intense
than the occasional drunkenness
so stupid it hurts

Rip out your heart from your chest
you're so strong, you're really one of the best
you seem to suffer no distractions at all
all future tasks are fully under control
keep up the diet of
charming people and
trying to sweep all that
come before you with your ravishing style
you get your fair share of sex and adventures
and v's in all the checkboxes
you get in all those stupid journals
so stupid it works

Rip out your heart from your chest
buy a box of chocolates and pretend it's a nest
cook up a jelly of emotions to stir
no cause for shyness when you're never quite here
smear colors over
any trace of
anything of
real importance you
need to face
for it's so much safer for you
to rip out your heart
Track Name: Disconnect (Demo Ver.)

Flashing white can help erase
the pictures that might
obstruct your way sometime
fill and cover every space
flood all with white
don't leave a face
the only thing to do is disconnect

Immerse yourself in viscose lotion
extract all out
leave only motion of form
open ribs and wipe with cloth
dissolving words
let them trickle off
the only thing to do is disconnect

turning back is the one mistake
you've been told of that
back in second grade
wonder how you manage to find yourself
at the same spot
as a lady in the bible

Garbage men in velvet gloves
on flying wolves
in the canyons of your brain
raining rainbow in slow motion
widen skin and let the potion
the only thing to do is disconnect
Track Name: Rabbits (Demo Ver.)
it seems the door
is taking sides against me
I'm trying
to cut the floor
make the rabbits happy

The longer I try
they seem to be crying more
I want them to see
how pretty it is outdoors
I keep trying

fucking stupid
but they're still angry at me
I used to
look like Cupid
now I'm more like crusty

The paper
is on my knees
and I'm still coughing coffee
if I tease them
they'll stop being nasty

I seem to receive
a different frequency now
The rabbits
are up my sleeve
getting bigger and bigger

The longer I try
they seem to be crying more
I want them to see
how pretty it is outdoors
I keep trying on
and I'm starting to think I'm wrong
cause I figure if I stop trying so hard
well, something must come up
Track Name: Paper Heart (Demo Ver.)
Paper Heart

That touching dribble of words flowing out of you
I wonder if I should even bother to listen
You sound as if you've picked up the text
word for word from one of those degenerate t.v. shows

I catch your eye as you glimpse at the mirror
making sure the face is correct with the image
I can see how this is gonna make a winning tweeter
really very soon

Well, if you want a toy that's fair and smart
go and cut yourself a paper heart
and play with that instead of mine

You're not a bad person, I realize that
I bet you think you mean every word that you're saying
but all the odds are you'd be meaning something else completely
in just a day or two

Well, I'm all for various ways of recreation
and playing is a must for your growth - all books say so
Excuse me if I seem a bit reluctant to take part
oh, I'm not generous at all

Well, if you want a toy that's fair and smart
go and cut yourself a paper heart
and play with that instead of mine

Well, if you wanted a toy
with the looks of a boy
no need to damage my shape -
just cut yourself a piece of paper
in a figure of a heart
and play with that instead of mine
Track Name: Night Song
Pallid, see-through dreams
They rip me at the seams
With an odd delight belie me
Paint my face with mud
They spit into my blood
In a secret rite they try me

With an angel's eye
The one who once was I
Hints a sign at me and hurries
I shall turn in dread
But she's inside my head
And a fiery cloud she carries

High upon a hedge
A jester points the edge
Of a sword that's out to hound me
Gentle cut is made
I fly from off the blade
And the darkness plays around me
Track Name: Jane
Jane is being reappointed
to the job of
living and loving
got herself a straw hat look and
a new age book and
a mandala carving

she appears so dumb
but she's not dying
she got better plans
instead of sighing

sitting in between the flowers
humming for hours
you didn't know, didja?
spent some years on being rigid
lonely and frigid
well, now she's a ninja

now she's into life
and out of fiction
now she's overcome
that grim conviction

looking slowly at her fingers
something there lingers
maybe it's freedom
thought about the happy people
stunned by the notion
she's starting to be them

every plate she breaks
is over joying
everything is bent
but not annoying

clouds and bills and cups
they're all still piling
she appears so dumb
but now she's smiling
Track Name: Wake Me Tomorrow
Wake me tomorrow
But let me sleep today
I'm flying high
For now let me stay this way

The ceiling is my partner
I can fly up there at my will
The spiders are all smiling
They relate to the way that I feel

Bottles are useless
The paper won't fit in the glass
Whisper all you want to
You can't make out the words in the grass

Stroke me and pull me
Taste my flesh with your hands
Watch me as I'm breathing
The songs coming out of my glands

Wake me tomorrow
But let me sleep today
I'm flying high
For now let me stay this way